Hopeless Romantic or Dark Angel?

Pick your poison….

Whichever you chose, these Gothic Make-up ideas are a great way to vamp up any of your outfits.

Whilst the Gothic look for some is part of their day to day life, a lot of people see it as a fetish, and they need a reason to get vamped up. Whether you are a closet Goth or a lovesick vamp, you cant expect to pull off the look without every inch of detail being perfect…

So? You bought a new jacket, and maybe a new skirt or maybe even a corset… Now its time for the finishing touches..

Most Goths decide to use a lighter foundation than their skin tone, usually by 2 shades, which creates an ‘almost dead’ look. You should always make sure you use a really good foundation, and one that is right for your skin… There are some really great budget foundations out there as well as the amazing higher end ones.

L’Oreal have an awesome Matte Foundation called Infallible, which at around £7.99 doesn’t break the bank.

L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation
L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation

A slightly more expensive foundation, but extremely impressive is Estee Lauder Double Wear, and it can range from £27-£32 depending on where you purchase it.

Estee Lauder Double Wear
Estee Lauder Double Wear

Don’t forget though that for any foundation to look flawless you need to make sure you Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise daily. Then use a primer under your foundation. Trust us, by doing this your skin will breathe better, look better and you will be thanking us!!

SO… You have your base, a nice clear canvas ready to paint…

You will now need some eye popping eyebrows.. Ones that are going to turn heads… After all all Goths don’t do things by half…

Pay your brows some extra attention for a truly dramatic eye look. High arches are key to achieving something that really turns heads. Once you’ve plucked those brows into shape, you’ll want to fill them in with a dark brown or midnight black brow pencil. Don’t be shy or light-handed about it; the key is to create intriguing, shaped brows.

Thick dark eyebrows
Thick dark eye brows
High Arched eyebrows
High Arched eyebrows

GO GO GO….Get your eye shadows ready and decide on which colours you want to use…Think Reds, purples, oranges, and blacks.. for a typical gothic look… Having dark makeup doesn’t mean having to look like a panda, its all about the blending and which colours you choose.

Our favourite makeup eye shadow pallets out right now are these…

The MUA ultimate collection is a great diverse pallette, and at only £8.00 is a total Bargain.

The MUA Immaculate Collection
The MUA Immaculate Collection

We also love the Urbay Decay Shadow Box, which at £23 is more expensive, but the pigment in the eyeshadows is just stunning.

The Urban Decay ShadowBox
The Urban Decay ShadowBox

Choose your make-up to express your individual style and outlook. Its a great way to channel yourself and get to know yourself better. Gothic looks vary so widely, from romantic to hardcore and everything in between that finding your own perfect niche can help you to express some of your different personality aspects, desires and vulnerabilities. Experiment, play, enjoy… We have scoured the internet for some alternative Gothic Makeup Tutorials for you, we LOVE the 2 we have shared here. Why not try recreating them and letting us know how you get on?





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